Overview of this course and Learning Guide

Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody.

Jane Jacobs

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It will provide you with an Introduction to Placemaking in 4 online lessons. Learn at your own pace, when you want from your office, study or even the loungeroom!

It is a condensed version of the more detailed Introduction to Placemaking and Creating Great Places course. It aims to provide you with:

  1. A good understanding of what placemaking is and why it is important
  2. An overview of the placemaking mindset and important concepts
  3. A summary of some of the most important skills for successful placemaking
  4. Confidence and skills to give it a go yourself
  5. Ideas and insights from placemaking professionals with years of experience

We have created this course to be accessible to anyone just like you!, including professionals, local businesses and people who want to improve their community.

Dean Cracknell, the curator of the course, welcomes you in the short video below. We hope you enjoy it!

Acknowledgement of the Placemaking Pioneers

Town Team Movement acknowledges the work, ideas and inspiration of the founders of the placemaking movement and the early pioneers. This course and our approach at Town Team Movement have been particularly influenced by:

Thank you! We acknowledge other significant contributors in the Acknowledgement and Additional Reading section at the end of the course.

Ethan Kent, Executive Director of the leader of the global placemaking movement - PlacemakingX - welcomes you in the video below.

Learning Guide

The Introduction to Placemaking - Abridged Version - Course Guide is provided for viewing and download in the attachments below. It provides a summary of the course and an overview of the course content for reference.

An Introduction to Placemaking - Abridged Version - Course Guide.pdf
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