Overview of this course

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This a concise course for professionals packed with all the essential information and advice on place-based projects and place improvement activities.

Learn at your own pace, when you want from your office, study or even the loungeroom!

It aims to help you to:

  1. Think like a placemaker
  2. See the opportunities for placemaking in a range of contexts
  3. Discover the ideas and insights from placemaking professionals with years of experience
  4. Build the confidence and skills to manage success place improvement projects

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Communicate the opportunities and benefits of a placemaking process
  2. Engage external stakeholders and the community
  3. Confidently lead a placemaking project

We have specially tailored this course for local governments staff and Elected Members.

The curator of this course, Dean Cracknell, worked in local governments for 12 years, and has professionally consulted to a range of clients for 6 years.

Other course contributors have decades of experience in working in and with local governments and include:

  • Lucinda Hartley - founder of CoDesign Studio and Neighbourlytics
  • David Engwicht - Creative Communities International
  • Brooke Williams - Fourfold Studio
  • Mike Fisher - Christchurch NZ

We hope you enjoy it!

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Acknowledgement of the Placemaking Pioneers

Town Team Movement acknowledges the work, ideas and inspiration of the founders of the placemaking movement and the early pioneers. This course and our approach at Town Team Movement have been particularly influenced by:

Thank you! We acknowledge other significant contributors in the Acknowledgements and Additional Reading section at the end of Module 1.

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