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New Placemaking Essentials for Professionals Course

Our new Placemaking Essentials for Professionals is a concise 90 minute online course packed full of practical tips for busy professionals working on place-based projects or activities.

🤔 Discover what placemaking really is and why it is important
👣 Learn the key steps to do before starting a project
💁‍♀️ See differences between the conventional project management approach and the opportunities presented by the place enabling project management style
🎉 How to add value by positively engaging with stakeholders and the community

Learn at your own place, when you want, where you want. This course is only AUD$165 (=US$108)!, but can save a bucketload of time and money on place improvement projects.

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Group learning sessions

Our third #Placemaking: making it happen in #localgovernments group learning sessions begin on Wed 10 April. The sessions are based on the curriculum in the Placemaking: making it happen in local governments online course on Placemaking Education, but will also include interactive activities and a peer-based learning environment.

It's *free* for local governments in Western Australia, thanks to the sponsorship of the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries. And it's only $50 per person for local government officers outside WA.

The topics covered in Week 1 include:

❓ What is placemaking?
😃 Why is placemaking important for local governments?
🏗 What makes a great place?
👐 Shifting from doing FOR to doing WITH communities
💡 Turning problems into opportunities
✳ Placemaking as a way to mitigate strategic and project risks
🤔 How placemaking differs from standard practices
💵 The economic, environmental and social benefits of placemaking

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Free placemaking training for Western Australian local government staff!

We’re excited to announce a new Australian-first initiative!

The Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries in Western Australia is providing FREE online placemaking training to approximately 22,000 local government staff and 1,200 Elected Members in W.A.

DLGSC is building the DLGSC is building the capacity and confidence of all local governments across WA to be placemakers and helping to create stronger communities and better places.

It’s not just about providing another service for the community. It’s about enabling and empowering local businesses and residents to step up and be active contributors to make their place even better.

The facilitators behind the training, Town Team Movement and Placemaking.Education, are based in Perth and are now providing this training around the world in partnership with PlacemakingX, based in New York, USA.

To receive the instructions on how to access the free training, email [email protected].

Getting into a positive place cycle

Placemaking can help a place break out of a negative spiral.

We have all been to places that don't feel good. An air of despondency and negativity rises like a morning mist.

People feel frustrated at first, because they care about the place. Over time, this can turn to #apathy and #disempowerment. They are looking for "someone" to do "something", not realising that everyone could be #someone, particularly by working together.

Placemaking isn't a magic wand to solve all problems. But it can help a place to improve, build positive momentum and create collaborations. It can also help good places to become #greatplaces.

Placemaking is not a "nice to have", it's a "must do!

"Placemaking ... ? Sure, if we get some extra budget and it doesn't get in the way of the real work, we could do some ... placemaking".
#Placemaking can be perceived of as a "nice to have", particularly by governments with "more important things to do".

This view completely misses the purpose and opportunities that placemaking offers. Our online courses feature whole lessons on why it is a "must do", particularly in these times.

Placemaking is important because it both challenges the existing structures, cultures and mindsets of #governments, and provides a practical, cost-effective and implementable approach that can be tailored for each context and community.

Placemaking also challenges and provides opportunities for #residents#landowners and #businesses to be active contributors, rather than passive (and sometimes negative) consumers of government services (the ratepayer mindset).

It provides healthsocialgovernance and economic benefits that we further detail in our courses. Placemaking focuses on what really matters in our lives - people and places.

As Ethan Kent from PlacemakingX says:

"The future of thriving and resilient cities is not led by sustaining or innovating around infrastructure and services, but by building the capacity of communities to drive their own shared value to sustain Placemaking.

Cities are not going to effectively compete with each other by just developing better physical infrastructure, but by creating great places ...

Placemaking shouldn't be any one's job, it should be everyone's job."

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