10 Car Parking Myths Busted

Photo showing street parking in a quiet narrow urban street

A free 20 minute on why car parking needs to be better managed

Car parking is often issue number 1 in any city or town.

This free crash course will provide you with information on how to bust 10 car parking myths and diagnose the real problems to solve. Better management of car parking can help to create better outcomes. 

Ultimately, it is about priorities and choices. Many places will need some car parking, particularly for people with a disability, deliveries or other high priority uses. But, it needs to be very carefully thought about, rather than relying on outdated and unscientific car parking manuals or standards.

Learn more in this 20 minute self-paced online course.


Why do this online course?

Get better informed about issue number 1 in every city

See the 10 car parking myths and why they are misleading

Find out how to create positive change

Who is it designed for?

This 20 minute online course is written for a general audience, but would be particularly relevant for professionals working in urban planning, economic development, placemaking, traffic engineering or parking management.

This is self-paced online learning that you can fit around your busy schedule. Learn at your own pace, when you want, where you want. Whilst it is written for an Australian context, it may be relevant for people around the world.