Placemaking for Elected Representatives in Local Governments

Why do this online course?

We all want to see places thrive, community members to connect, our local businesses resilient and strong and our environment cared for. And we know that local governments play such an important role in all this, but they don't have unlimited funds and resources to make all this happen by themselves.

Local governments are uniquely placed to be the enablers, promoters and supporters of placemaking in their communities. This short course explains the what, why, who and how of placemaking.

It can improve outcomes for the community, build a positive, collaborative culture within your local government and potentially save money. It's a powerful set of ideas and tools. 

It is a fresh approach to the timeless ideas of contributing to community and civic improvement. It's a mix of ancient principles and modern urban contexts.

Who is it designed for?

Whilst it is primarily written for Councillors and Elected Representatives in an Australian context, it may be relevant for local governments around the world. It does not cover legislative and regulatory requirements.

It provides principles, ideas and approaches for making it happen in any country.

Why is placemaking important?

Placemaking provides a practical, cost-effective and implementable approach that can be tailored for each context and community. It can start to address some of these challenges noted in the graphic above, because it:

  • helps to reset expectations, roles and responsibilities. Creating great places is an opportunity for everyone to contribute something
  • promotes a lighter, quicker, cheaper approach to test ideas and build support before committing to expensive place 'hardware' upgrades or community/economic development programs
  • encourages people to get involved in different ways. People volunteer without even realising it!
  • starts by building relationships and trust

The course explains more.


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What's included in the course?

  Why placemaking is important for Councillors
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  How to make it happen
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