Save time and get all the best placemaking tips!

Placemaking is not a 'nice to have', it's a must do for local governments.

The Top 10 Placemaking Tips for Local Government guide provides a summary of the most important ideas and key messages you will need to successfully implement place-based approaches in a local government context.

Placemaking is often sidelined as a standalone service FOR the community at best, or often completed ignored. The real benefit is to use it as a mindset and process to create new value for existing projects, programs and operations. Most local government activities could benefit from using some of its thinking or tools.

DO NOT make one person or team solely responsible for placemaking! This is an impossible task and creates unrealistic expectations. Instead, each department and team can play some kind of role in creating great places. Find out how in this download.

What you'll get in this download

The professionally prepared and engaging document of 30 pages:

  • Provides simple, but powerful concepts you can use with internal and external stakeholders
  • Explains key concepts and messages that have been tested and proven to work in a range of situations
  • Includes common ingredients for success and suggested approaches for finding quick wins
  • Has pages of rich insights and knowledge accumulated over decades of placemaking projects and experiences

Sneak Peak

Here is the start of two of the explanation for two of the Top 10 placemaking tips for local governments (note - the images are cut-off. It is just a sneak peak!)


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