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Interest is growing in 'Place' as a concept and place-based approaches are being trialed around the world. It is becoming increasingly important, particularly as we realise that top-down, one-size-fits-all approaches often fail when dealing with complex growing challenges such as climate change, social isolation, housing crises, economic disruption, disaster recovery and rapidly changing technology.

Place can provide a valuable focus point for governments.

Placemaking provides a practical, cost-effective and implementable approach that can be tailored for each context region and community.

It's a principles-led approach to help to start to address some of these challenges at the place-level.

Our Top 10 Placemaking Tips for higher levels of government guide provides a summary of the most important concepts relevant to central, Federal, State, provincial or regional governments. Whilst it is primarily written for an Australian context, it may be relevant for governments around the world.

What you'll get in this download

The professionally prepared and engaging document:

  • Provides simple, but powerful concepts you can use with internal and external stakeholders
  • Explains key concepts and messages that have been tested and proven to work in a range of situations
  • Provides bonus content, including explaining what placemaking is and is not and the benefits of placemaking

It has 29 pages crammed with decades of experience from professional placemakers.

Sneak Peak

Here is the beginning of two of the Top 10 placemaking tips for higher levels of government (note the image is cut off as it is a sneak peak only)


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